Report: Intel to Replace Core i5-2380P with Ivy Bridge

Fudzilla reports that the 69 watt quad-core CPU will run at 3.1/3.3 GHz and share the 6 MB cache of its graphics-capable processors. The 3350P will slot in just below the 3.1 GHz 3450, which sells for a tray price of $184.

As a replacement for the 32 nm 3.1 GHz 2380P, we expect the discount of the no-graphics feature to be minimal and surface at $177. Given Intel's market position at this time, there is no reason for the company to apply any pricing changes.

Intel did not officially comment on the rumor.


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  • pacioli
    Where are the i3 Ivy Bridges!?
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  • back_by_demand
    Office PCs? There will always be a market somewhere, bulk buying for certain sectors will always make even a minor price drop significant in the long run. How is this any different than the triple-core AMD chips that were just a quad core with one core disabled, yes I know graphics but it's still the same principle.
  • A Bad Day
    Is it OC-able?
  • pacioli
    Where are the i3 Ivy Bridges!?