Report: Intel, Nvidia Could Be Buying Chinese Chip Makers

A report published by Digitimes states that smaller companies such as Leadcore Technology, Innofidei, Spreadtrum Communications as well as RDA Microelectronics are looking to merge with other companies to be better positioned to compete with larger rivals such as Mediatek and Qualcomm.

There is speculation that Intel, Nvidia and Broadcom could be jumping into the game, which could allow the companies to access TD-SCDMA chips and get closer to Chinese handset makers. Whether those three are interested is based on the question whether an acquisition will, in fact, allow them to sell more chips. However, the nature of such a deal would exclusively relate to the Chinese market. Intel especially has been very aggressive in acquiring businesses that open up new opportunities or fill a certain void in its portfolio, but the company declined to comment on the report.

Digitimes pointed out that MediaTek's recent merger with MStar semiconductor is putting some pressure on smartphone chip makers in China to step up their game, merge or acquire in order to be able to remain competitive.

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  • ttg_Avenged
    Honestly, not good. I love Intel and Nvidia as much as the next guy (I have a frickin' GTX 680) but we truly do need competition. AMD is slacking, and this would put Green & Blue team even more ahead. We need competition or prices will soar.
  • bllue
    Intel prices are already too high as it is, this can't be good.
  • dalethepcman
    I see this as a middle finger to Apple and their supply chain problems. "Haha we bought the chip makers first!"
  • digiex
    Oh no, the Chinese will just pirate the processor design and then use it against the free world.
  • allenpan
    or use it to "Free" the world from the stupid patent lawsuit!
  • guru_urug
    "Could Intel and Nvidia be looking to acquire be acquire Chinese chip makers?"
  • holyknight1121
    LOL, CPU or GPU breaks down and you look at it. It says, "Made in China".
  • inerax
    They need to purchase them and move them to the USA
  • rohitbaran
    holyknight1121LOL, CPU or GPU breaks down and you look at it. It says, "Made in China".So? A lot of electronic goods are made in China today. It is more about the quality control that a company exercises rather than where the part itself is built.
  • booyaah
    Before I clicked on this article and saw 'reported' in the title, I chuckled to myself and thought, I bet this article will start off with the words 'According to Digitimes'.

    Sure enough I was not disappointed.