Intel to Open Retail Store in New York City on November 23

Intel is looking to get into the retail business -- sort of. The company announced plans to open retail locations at a press event in NYC yesterday, and our sister site, LAPTOP, says the first will be in New York's Nolita neighborhood. An official announcement with all the details will come soon, but details of Intel's retail plans are fairly thin on the ground right now.

What we do know is that the first location will open November 23. We expect others to follow fairly quickly, given that Intel says these stores are of the pop-up variety and will be gone by January 25. If you're wondering what Intel could possibly showcase in an own-brand store, you might like to know that it's more Microsoft Store than Apple Store. While Apple prefers to focus on all things Apple in its retail chain, Microsoft sells the Microsoft experience. Everything from laptops running Windows, to Xboxes and computer accessories. Intel's store will focus on products that utilize its technology.

According to LAPTOP, aside from showcasing machines with Intel inside, Intel's NYC store will also offer free coffee every day, free movies on Fridays, and lectures from local speakers.

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