Intel Gets Some Navigation Help With Telmap Acquisition

Intel did not disclose further details, but it appears as if the company is intending to use Telmap to expand its "mobile software services capabilities".

"Telmap will allow us to provide AppUp developers with great, differentiated location capabilities in the form of a standard set of location-based APIs and software that developers can easily integrate into their AppUp apps," wrote Intel's Peter Biddle in a blog post.

Telmap has 210 employees and claims that says it will post sales of about $33 million this year. As part of Intel, Telmap will become a fully owned subsidiary, retain its brand and offices. No layoffs are planned.

The acquisition announcement was made at AppUp Elements, Intel's developer event dedicated to AppUp developers. The AppUp future is not entirely clear as there were just 250 developers at the event and there is not much traction around the AppUp store, which has attracted just about 3800 applications so far.

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