O2 UK Stores Won't Have iPhone 5S On Launch Day

If you're on O2 (or were thinking of switching to the carrier) and are looking to get the iPhone 5S on launch day, we've got bad news for you. The carrier has said that it won't have any stock in its stores on launch day. In fact, it might be a while before customers can just walk into an O2 retail location and pick up an iPhone 5S.

O2 tweeted today that while customers can get the iPhone 5C in store, those looking for the iPhone 5S will have to order online or via phone. The company said there's no units in stores but staff will be able to order a unit for you and tell you when it will be in. When one user asked if the stores will have display units, O2 replied that only some stores will.

The good news is that there doesn't seem to be any shortage of iPhone 5Cs, so if you planned on getting the lower-end iPhone 5C, you should have no problem getting one tomorrow.

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  • fuzzion
    I admit i owned an Apple 4. But once i switched to galaxy note 1, i was glad i did. Yes, i pre-ordered the note 3.