The DDMicro: A 50% BT Keyboard From KBDfans

The DDMicro is a new wireless compact keyboard that is currently in development by KBDfans. It features a unique 4 x 14 key 50% layout that can be changed depending on the plate you choose. This adds two more columns of keys compared to a 40% keyboard. Their top three layout choices include a standard 6.25u spacebar layout, a split spacebar layout, and an ortholinear layout, but more layout options will be explored in the future. Some plate designs may even support multiple layouts, and one of them has dedicated arrow keys.

Based on the teaser pictures, we can suss out that the keyboard will be using an aluminum case with a unique high-profile angular design, and most likely a steel plate with PBT keycaps.

This will make a compact keyboard that’s ideal for a home theater setup or for travel. The DDMicro will use Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and a built-in 1100mAh Lithium-ion battery for wireless connectivity and Type-C for charging and wired use. There will be a red LED indicator near the USB port to indicate when the keyboard is charging. When the keyboard is fully charged, the LED will turn off.

KBDfans claimed that the battery will last three or more weeks with backlighting off or 100+ hours with 50% backlighting brightness. The backlighting is RGB with individual per-key control.

The software, which is called “DDConf,” will allow programming on eight function layers. However, it does not appear to be as comprehensive as QMK or TMK firmware. You will be able to program single key codes and simple macro key combinations, but not much more at this time. Hopefully, more features are added to the software as KBDfans makes updates.

  • koga73
    Rubber some? Mechanical? What kind of switches?
  • nhirschler
    20533513 said:
    Rubber some? Mechanical? What kind of switches?
    The DDMicro is going to be compatible with Cherry MX switches. KBDfans sells a lot of their keyboards as kits, and if they do the same for this one you'll be able to pick the switches you want or buy them separately before assembly.