Report: Amazon Kindle Fire Could Drop as Low as $169

If Amazon keeps the Kindle around, which would be a strategy similar to Apple's iPad 2/new iPad idea, the Kindle is likely to drop in price. DealNews says that, based on their market observations, the Kindle is likely to drop to $169, which represents the current lowest for the tablet in the market.

Compared to a new Kindle Fire that is more than likely going to follow the lead of the original Fire and Google's Nexus 7 with a $199 price point, it is uncertain that consumers will perceive a 15 percent discount on a one-year old tablet as a compelling offer. If Amazon keeps the Kindle around, $150 may be a visually and psychologically much more appealing price point that could "reimburse" buyers for the lack of a camera and other upgrades in the Kindle Fire 2.

DealNews said that Amazon has a tradition "of slashing the price of its new Kindles as they're being announced." New Kindles have launched 10 percent to 61 percent cheaper than the initial starting price of their predecessors, the service said. However, with the Kindle, we are talking about a margin and competitive pressure that is greater than the marginal loss Amazon took with its Kindle e-readers. The company will have to strike far more favorable deals to bring down the BOM of the Kindle Fire.

When introduced, the $199 Kindle Fire was estimated to have a bill of materials of $201.70, excluding R&D, marketing and shipping cost.

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  • Onus
    "As low as" makes me think something like $49-$69. $169 is not exactly "low," especially to anyone watching his or her budget these days.
  • teh_chem
    I respect the Kindle Fire for what it's trying to achieve, but even after using it hands-on after my gf got it, contrasted with a "full" Android device, it's frustratingly-limited. But if you just want a cheap portable media player and don't insist on being able to carry your entire video library around with you, this little thing is fun (though it's unfortunate to lack physical volume buttons).

    To be honest, this small reduction in price isn't all that impressive, but is probably announced just to get a few more people buying the OG Fire and get rid of the inventory before the next gen devices come out.
  • killerclick
    Not low enough, especially if you're not really interested in Amazon content.
  • kawininjazx
    Kindle fire 1 should be $150 or less, KF2 will be $199.
  • What if we have a walkie talkie which has all the functionalities in phones and tablets?
    It is a good walkie talkie.
  • memadmax
    I love my kindle fire. I have had it for only a couple of months now but it has seen alot more use and abuse than alot of my other portable devices like my iPad for example, which only collects dust now >_> Actually, I take that back, my iPad sees some use from my little kids because they don't know any better ^.^
  • gsacks
    Not interested in the original Fire. I want to see how the new one stacks up to Google's offering. Though I'll probably still end up with an iPad also because of a work project.
  • It should be $49. It's a dead device (except for Amazon'ers which should cost no more than 99 for them), killed by Nexus 7.
  • belardo
    I've handled the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 side by side in a store... the Fire is heavy and bulky, even feel more bulky than my iPad1. I understand the Fire's position... but I flat out didn't care for its interface. The Nexus7 does have a WOW factor to it... the GUI is smooth and slick.

    ICE has surpassed iOS in my book. But I'd prefer a 4:3 tablet... if there are no Android takers on that... then an iPad4 is most likely in my future.
  • thepieman
    still not worth it

    i dont think amazon should be in the hardware market at all. they're better off focusing on developing software for other, established platforms which aid in the consumption of their services (media, shopping, etc.) ironically enough the fire was developed for just this purpose, but there are better options for consuming amazon's services.