256 GB USB Thumb Drive is Massive, Expensive

See the world's previously largest USB stick and turn your nose up at it? Well, Kingston is back with something that might please a bit better: the 256 GB USB thumb drive.

So now it's entirely possible to have a USB thumb drive that's larger than your internal HDD. It features a read speed of 20 MB/s and a write speed of 10 MB/s. It might also cost more than your computer at a price that's around $900 and it's only available in Europe at the moment.

Tell us, what would you do with a 256 GB thumb drive?

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  • paranoidmage
    It needs USB 3.0
  • Anonymous
  • icepick314
    dingumfI would store my entire pr0n collection. Maybe some FLAC but mostly pr0n, 250 GBs of it.(6 GB of FLAC)

    do you REALLY expects us to believe you have less than 250GB of pron?
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  • paranoidmage
    It needs USB 3.0
  • quip13
    hmmm...dosn't look that big
    just about twice as thick as a normal drive
    but that 900 dollar price is ridiculous
    external hard drives are much cheaper and hold a lot more
  • Anonymous