Lacie's Whacky Wobbly USB Key Hands-on

When Lacie announced its Culbuto USB key, we knew we had to see it for ourselves. A USB key that was also one of those wobble bobble ornaments and a picture clip to boot? To say there was nothing else like it at Pepcom's pre-CES showcase last night would be wholly accurate. In fact, we'd wager Lacie is the only company with this kind of USB key at CES. Impressive, given CES is lousy with "me too" products. 

The Culbuto is weighty and smooth to the touch. The contrast between the smooth metal and rubberized black is really elegant and it feels solid in your hand. There's no arguing that it's a well made product. Unfortunately, we kind of don't see where it fits in the market. Are there people who really want a USB key photo clip? If so, how much are they willing to pay? Lacie is asking $49.99 for the 16 GB or $79.99 for the 32 GB.


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  • Chandleestyle
    I would not want this thing sticking out of my computer. How much does it weight? Would the weight damage a laptop or I/O panel?
  • sevags
    Lacie has really gone down hill in my eyes and I would never ever buy any of their products. Their designs are just ridiculous, portentous, more form over function, and their price tags are just complete rip-offs for what you get. Sure they have 1 good product a year like the new Little Big Disk but with a price point that's sure to be out of reach for the majority of us it leaves nothing else compelling to consider in their portfolio. Wobbly usb keys, chrome disco balls, "porshe" design models, all completely useless enclosures at super premium prices that. is. all.