Whoops! Hit-and-run drivers caught with long-lens camera

The driver of an Acura RSX might have made a slight tactical error when he made a run for it after allegedly crashing into another vehicle whilst being watched by the owner of a long-lens camera.

According to the cameraman he saw the driver of the Acura run into a Mercedes before swinging out to make a run for it in an attempt to avoid the repercussions. One can see red paint in the apparently fresh dent on the front of the car, and given that it is on the front-left of the vehicle, which was driving in the middle on the right side of the road, it is unlikely it had run into something on the sidewalk if - indeed - that dent is fresh.

One has to sit back and consider the repercussions of modern technology when something like this happens: Affordable digital photography allows a person to snap a photo and then take it straight from their camera to the entire world.

As yet there appears to have been no official confirmation of the story from law enforcement agencies, but it is quickly gaining traction online.

Original source. Beyond.ca Car Forums