LulzSec: We Didn't Hack Sega; So We'll Defend Them!

Hacking group LulzSec today came forward and stated that they are not responsible for the network attack on Sega's online gaming network, Sega Pass. In a twist of events, LulzSec issued a statement to Sega, claiming that they will help Sega take down whoever initiated the attack, saying this on their Twitter page:

"@Sega - contact us. We want to help you destroy the hackers that attacked you. We love the Dreamcast, these people are going down."

So far, no hacker groups are coming forward to claim credit for the attack. However, a number of recent attacks on game companies and their online services are credited with LulzSec, which publicly lists their attacks. But LulzSec denies that it was ever involved with the breach at Sega.

Earlier yesterday, Sega's online gaming network Sega Pass was attacked, which brought the service completely down. Sega's response team confirmed the attack and mentioned that critical customer information is compromised.

Customer details such as names, DOBs, email addresses, and passwords were taken, but Sega says that passwords are encrypted. On the other hand, officials at the company stated that financial information is safe, as those details do not reside on Sega's own servers. Sega is still investigating the breach today, but have not identied new information.

Company officials recommend Sega Pass users change their login credentials as soon as possible.

  • sliem
    Sega could get in trouble if they cooperate with them (lulzsec).
  • kriswitak
    Lulzsec is trolling. They totally did it. Truly epic lulz indeed.
  • dasper
    I love you Sega, you know I would never hurt you baby. Now keep working on the new Phantasy Star game please.
  • dormantreign
    Jesus....everything is being hacked. I think its time to just let this set in. Everyone has Everyone's information. Accept that and noone will care :P
  • bison88
    The Dreamcast sucked. LulzSec is starting to sound like a bunch of tools with each passing day. Getting too lame for their own good.
  • bison88 sounds like a child! The DC remains one of the best consoles ever. It's lineup of good to bad was AMAZING!
  • CoryInJapan
    LONG LIVE the memories of the first couple of years of the dreamcasts glory. I Loved it.
  • mister g
    Got one of the Sega emails, in the Spam folder. Still appreciated them for telling me that my information that they asked for just so I could contact Sega suppport was in good hands. They even claimed that their stuff wasn't in plaintext (would have liked to see proof).
  • lotri
    Power Stone 2 was a fun game. :)
  • malphas
    LulzSec are an embarassment.