Major German Retailer Charts Intel Motherboard Sales Surge

Intel LGA1700 motherboard
Intel LGA1700 motherboard (Image credit: Asus)

According to data released by German retailer Mindfactory, via Twitter's TechEpiphany, Intel motherboard revenue has surpassed AMD motherboard revenue for the first time in years. During week 7 of 2022, Intel motherboard brought in €234,656 (53%), while AMD motherboards sales raised €208,236 (47%). Germany is a traditional AMD stronghold, especially in recent years, since the Zen architecture improved AMD's competitive position. The established AMD - Germany coziness makes the swing to Intel in Germany all the more worthy of comment.

Let's get straight to some figures. We have put together a quick table to try and establish some comparisons, to sketch trend lines roughly. As well as the AMD and Intel jostling, you can see various Intel architectures battle over the wallets of PC enthusiasts, gamers, and other keen DIYers.

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2021 Week 37

2021 Week 51

2022 Week 07

















Total units sold




Some other data points are essential to highlight. Firstly, Intel's total units sold for the weeks charted were 670, 800, and 1350, respectively. In units sold, Intel is still, therefore, lagging AMD. Still, Intel's momentum may continue to win the numbers race, especially as more mainstream and entry-level solutions arrive - an area where AMD hasn't proliferated processors in its current generation.

Secondly, Intel's average selling prices (ASPs) were €133, €182, and €173, respectively. Meanwhile, AMD motherboard ASPs were €129, €128, and €131, respectively.

Christmas Was the Quiet Before Intel's CES 2022 Storm

Some other observations from the table are that the Christmas period was relatively quiet for motherboard sales. Motherboards aren't traditional Christmas stocking fillers, or even significant gifts, in the same way, complete devices like pre-built PCs or laptops are. Additionally, most savvy computer DIYers would know very well that Intel would release its mainstream Alder Lake CPU family and accessibly priced motherboards in early January. Some might even expect more AMD desktop processors to launch at CES 2022.

In 2022 Week 07, tabulated above, you can see that LGA motherboard sales have taken off. There are many B660 and H610 chipset series choices, whereas the previous Intel datapoint only covered expensive Z690 series motherboards. Interestingly, the Intel ASPs haven't declined as much as one might expect between 2021 Week 51 and 2022 Week 07.

With all the new motherboard and CPU choices out there in 2022, the market has seen quite a shakeup. To help make the best choices, you can look through our recently updated guides, such as the Best Motherboards 2022 for Gaming, by Socket and Chipset, and our guide about AMD vs. Intel: Which CPUs Are Better in 2022 - from earlier this week.

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