Malaysian movie pirates put out hit on sniffer dogs

It appears that a pair of very successful anti-piracy sniffer dogs have been too successful for Malaysian crime lords. Mob bosses who specialize in distributing pirated DVDs and CDs are offering a reward for anyone who kills "Lucky" and "Flo" two black Labrador retrievers who busted a huge counterfeiting ring on Tuesday.

The dogs found over a million counterfeit CDs and DVDs in the city of Johor Baru which is near Singapore. Police estimate the discs to have a street value of three million dollars. The police also seized high-speed duplicators and other equipment. Six people were arrested.

The dogs have been trained to sniff out the smell of CD and DVD dyes typically used in mass piracy. Lucky and Flog are on loan to the Malaysian Police through a partnership with the MPAA. Police are taking the threat seriously and have put the dogs in protective custody.

Crime bosses often put out hits on successful sniffer dogs, although this is the first time we've heard of such a bounty placed on piracy dogs. The hits are usually ordered against drug dogs who find cocaine and other drugs.

  • megamanx00
    OMG, they put out a hit on Lassie :D. Really though, is piracy entering the same realm of crime as drugs? Makes one wonder.