Marriott hotel rooms get gadget connectivity

Bethesda (MD) - To meet the increased demand for technology during travel, Marriott announced today that it has developed a new technology that allows guests to link various devices to in-room television sets. It will be upgrading current rooms in its high-end hotels throughout the year.

To go with the new integration, the current TVs will be replaced with 32" LCD HDTVs. Guests will then be able to use "digital connectivity panels" to connect camcorders, laptops, iPods, and more to the TV.

This opens up the ability for guests to watch videos on their iPods on the 32" monitor, or to have a larger screen for their laptop. This can all be done in a picture-in-picture setting as well.

In addition to the new technology, Marriott said that its targeted hotels will receive cable and satellite upgrades, increasing the number of free channels to 64, more than doubling the selection in some locations.

The hotel brands Renaissance, Marriott, and JW Marriott will be the first to receive the new services. According to the chain, nearly 25% of all selected rooms will have the new system by the end of 2007.