Analyst: Surface 'Truck' Can't Compete With iPad 'Sports Car'

Especially the initial presentation, which not only revealed an unfinished product with Windows-typical screen freezes, analysts believe that the information that is available right now is rather confusing.

Analyst group Yankee noted that Microsoft did not address key consumers concerns such as price, battery life and connectivity options. The firm compared Apple's iPad the "Tesla sports car of the computing world, a product that delivers speed in style but only on smooth roads". In contrast, Microsoft's Surface was compared to "well designed, but traditional sports utility vehicle that can haul boats and climb a hill of rocks." The firm said that it doubts that "consumers will trade sports cars for trucks."

Another firm, Ovum, chimed in and noted that it was unclear what Microsoft was trying to achieve with the tablet how a "mishmash" of Windows for desktops and for tablets could make sense. At the very least, consumers could be left confused. The firm repeated the common suspicion that Surface was born out of frustration that hardware makers simply couldn't come up with a device that showcases Microsoft's Metro UI in Windows 8. However, the company also notes that Microsoft may not be happy with OS licensing fees alone and may now be looking in hardware revenues as well, which is, however, rather unlikely, given the razor thin margins today. Even Microsoft may not want to burden itself with a less profitable and painful additional business.

Ovum also highlights a problem that Microsoft could alienate it partners: "Rarely is it a good idea for an OS owner to start competing with its OEM partners, but Microsoft is clearly taking a page out of the Apple playbook by bringing Surface to market." The company also hit Yankee's concern of pricing information: “The lack of pricing information makes it impossible to judge, for certain, what the market impact will be, but it’s expected be positive given Windows' huge installed base and Microsoft's second-to-none partner ecosystem. However, to ensure true success, Microsoft must now get Surface into the hands of trend setters, influencers, and IT managers - easier said than done when they're all carrying around iPads."

  • The_Trutherizer
    Well the main problem is that the surface is priced like a sports car. If indeed it is a 'Truck' and it was priced like a truck then it would compete just fine.
  • ojas
    I though IT managers steered clear of idevices.

    Anyway, analysts say a lot of things. Will i a want a surface tablet? When the price is right, yes.
  • joytech22
    Surface 'Truck' Can't Compete With iPad 'Sports Car'

    What? Surface is the sports car here especially in the hardware department.
    Built-in kick stand, quality materials, FULLY FLEDGED OS.

    What the hell do they mean "truck"? Unless they mean its fully loaded. Hopefully the price doesn't reflect that.
    Honestly, Surface will be my next tablet. You can get a touch typing keyboard and screen protector combo for it, you can have your entire office suite installed (VERY important to me), its portable and very powerful whilst supporting my Windows applications at the same time. (x86 version)

    I'm just hoping battery life is competitive.
  • joex444

    lol, complete with screen freezes and viruses. lol... Windows.
  • monktongaz
    I am genuinely interested in the surface, but not if it tries to compete with the iPad with a similar price. I don't desire a tablet enough to pay iPad prices for one. I'd imagine I'm not alone on that.
  • joytech22
    joex444lol, complete with screen freezes and viruses. lol... Windows.You must be new here, welcome to Tom's Hardware.

    Here we have people who know what they are talking about, sadly you will NOT be joining their ranks.
    Mac's are not immune to hanging and viruses you dork, my iMac freezes when I load a site with too many GIF's.

    Oh, did you happen to miss the entire Flashback pandemic that affected over 500,000 Mac's?
  • monktongaz
    joex444lol, complete with screen freezes and viruses. lol... Windows.
    What on earth are you talking about? My daily Windows machine hasn't frozen in over 3 years of constant use and my last virus was.. hell, about 10 years ago.

    My 1 year old Macbook on the other hand, has no such luck.
  • Basically, business folks who NEED Full-fledged Office on their tablets will buy this. Nobody else will though.
  • As a happy iPad (consumer) user, I am not interested in the Surface (nor any Windows 8 systems). As an independent contractor, I get to make my own work IT decisions. The primary audience Microsoft would be interested in seeing deferring purchase decisions, and one that is less sensitive to price, is corporate IT governance types who seek greater centralized manageability and security in their deployments. Of course, MS did not say much about the latter either; while in the mean time use of other personal devices continues without the wait.
  • Zingam_Duo
    monktongazWhat on earth are you talking about? My daily Windows machine hasn't frozen in over 3 years of constant use and my last virus was.. hell, about 10 years ago.My 1 year old Macbook on the other hand, has no such luck.Lucky you!

    On the same laptop Ubutu using Wubi (which means slow) loads in seconds, Windows 7 takes several minutes. Sometimes it cannot even wake the screen. Wow! And it become more and more corrupted each month. I guess I need to clean reinstall it after only 1.5 years.

    Windows, dude, is a giant with clay legs. It was, it is and it will always be!