Microsoft Support Site Accidentally Mentions Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has a Surface event scheduled for next week, and the general assumption is that the company will be introducing a new Surface Mini tablet. In fact, last week we heard we might actually see two new Surface tablets in both Intel and Qualcomm flavors. With the event just around the corner, things over at ye olde rumor mill are kicking into high gear. The latest is that Microsoft may actually announce a brand new Surface Pro, too.

Word comes via Microsoft's own support pages. Twitter user @NotCassim this morning pointed out a mention of a Windows 8.1 update that "adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera" over on Rather tellingly, this page is now no longer available. Microsoft hasn't commented on the mention of the Surface 3, but it looks like the company moved pretty quickly to remove any mention of it on its website. Luckily, @NotCassim has a screenshot of the page in question, which can be found here.

It's thought that Microsoft's rumored Qualcomm-based Surface would replace the Nvidia Tegra 4-powered Surface 2 (with Windows RT). If Microsoft is upgrading the Surface 2, then it stands to reason that the Surface Pro will also get an upgrade. Then again, we're just over six months into the life of the current generation Surface and Surface Pro. It seems awfully soon to be thinking about the new models. All will be revealed on May 20. In the meantime, rumors of the Surface Mini have indicated a 7.5- or 8-inch display with a 1400 x 1050 resolution, Windows RT 8.1, and an integrated Wacom digitizer for stylus input.

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  • nebun
    how do you accidentally mention a product????....this is what I call "product propaganda"
  • Darkk
    Nothing new. Apple did the same thing. Only difference is Apple employees left the test product at the bar...twice! lol
  • canadianvice
    I'm almost certain this is just a typo... I would beg people take note of the relative location of "2" and "3" on a standard QWERTY keyboard.