Study: Asus, Toshiba Make Most Reliable Laptops

When we buy a new laptop, we're often looking for something that's powerful and portable. Most of these features we can read on specification sheets, but what we can't see is predicted reliability.

Warranty firm SquareTrade has published its own report on laptop reliability and has found that smaller laptop companies such as Asus, Toshiba and Sony make laptops less likely to succumb to failure. Larger companies such as Acer, Gateway and HP ranked at the bottom of the list for reliability.

The firm also found that more expensive laptops are less likely to fail than cheap ones – something that should be comforting to those who pull out the big bucks.

Sadly, failure rates rise as years go by. SquareTrade estimates that nearly one in three laptops fail in the first three years of ownership.

Check out the full report here for more and information on methodology.

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  • sot010174
    Indeed... out of 10 laptops that end up in my desk at work I would say 7 are HP. Seems that Quanta and Compal doesn't like'em very much...
  • rjkucia
    These rates seem a little high... maybe it's because my 4 year old Compaq still (amazingly) works? Or did they include battery failures as well?
  • my_name_is_earl
    I drop (3ft) my Asus laptop (6.5lbs) on the solid wood floor and it barely had a dent. I couldn't say that to every other brand.