Mozilla Integrates 3D Developer Tool Into Firefox 11

There is already plenty of criticism that this new version is not including enough of the new features for the average users, but instead mainly developer tools. Among those new features is one particularly interesting feature - Tilt.

Some readers may remember Tilt as an add-on that enabled the user to display the structure of a web page as three-dimensional graphic with its building blocks. There is not much use of this feature for the general user, but it useful analyzing a web page with all of its elements nested in the DOM. In Aurora 11, Tilt is fully integrated in the Page Inspector via a new 3D button. The feature is implemented via WebGL and is hardware accelerated. Viewing options include zooming (+/-), rotating (a/d and w/s), as well as panning (arrow keys).

You can download Aurora 11 here to check out the 3D feature.

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  • alyoshka
    Now that is Awesomeness Redefined.....
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    Mother of god.....
  • alyoshka
    Checkout Toms & TPU in 3D sources & Layouts Here.....