Firefox 3.6 Users to Get Nudged to Upgrade to 8 on Nov 17

Next week, Mozilla will release another Firefox 8 version, which specifically targets users of Firefox 3.6. The "advertised update" is somewhat odd as Mozilla is pushing out Firefox 3.6.24 today and pitches the update next week as a plea to 3.6 users to make the move to version 8. Perhaps it would be a better idea to send the update to version 8 out simultaneously with version 3.6.24 to reduce the overall number of updates.

Mozilla stresses that 3.6 will still be supported, even if users aren't upgrading to version 8. There is no official end for 3.6 just yet. Mozilla says that users can update to the new version, if they are "inclined" to do so. Mozilla has made similar pitches with previous versions, but was not very successful. Firefox 3.6 users still account for about 5.8 percent market share, according to StatCounter, while Firefox 6 users are down to about 1.4 percent.

The update offer is scheduled to be sent out on November 17. Mozilla has not said when it will phase out Firefox 3.6. Current Firefox users will be getting a silent update (like Chrome) in Firefox with version 10 or 11, depending on Mozilla's ability to implement the feature.

You can download Firefox 8 here.

  • garrick
    Version 7 has been really buggy for me which is strange as previous editions have been super stable.
  • 11796pcs
    I consider myself a pretty hardcore tech user, but upgrading your browser every month just gets ridiculous.
  • eddieroolz
    Version 3 was the last proper Firefox in my opinion. Everything since then has been a mess...
  • wiinippongamer
    Well it's a bigger version number, 8 which is much higher than the old and boring 3! So it's got to be alot better Right?. .... Right?
  • keyanf
    I went back from 4 to 3 because 4 refused to install any add ons. Have they fixed that yet?
  • whysobluepandabear
    Why stop at 8? Why not just name it "Firefox 5000"?
  • qu3becker
    Firefox 360. Coming next year.
  • joepaiii
    Probably all the Sony laptop users that hacked Firefox 3.6's title bar to say netscape so their web gestures would work with their stupid Alps mousepad!
  • xerroz
    Don't know what the fuzz about Firefox being buggy and crashing a lot is. I got the most recent version and have not crashed once. Everythign works perfect. Perhaps get rid of those shitty addons? That's a start. Btw I have Noscript and adblock, nothing else
  • killabanks
    firefox still rocks and at least it doesnt send my every move to google