Mozilla Proposes Firefox ESR Versions for Businesses

Instead of supporting a particular browser version for just six weeks, an "extended support release" (ESR) would be supported for a total of seven Firefox release cycles, or 42 weeks.

Mozilla would still be updating an ESR version every time a new Firefox is released, but would only apply security patches, according to a proposal. If Mozilla starts this idea with Firefox 8, then ESR versions would be called 8.0 ESR, 8.0.1 ESR, 8,0.2 ESR until 8.0.6 ESR with release dates that coincide with Firefox 9 - 14. Mozilla also said that business that choose the ESR version will have 12 weeks to qualify a new Firefox ESR version once it becomes available. The current proposal suggests that Firefox 8 ESR will be introduced on January 1, 2012 while the will not have to switch to the successor Firefox 13.0.1 ESR (including two qualifying cycles) until August 28, 2012.

Mozilla is currently asking for feedback on the proposal, but said that it is planning on launching the ESR versions with Firefox 8 or 9.

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  • phatboe
    How about Mozilla go back to the old system. No one had a problem with that and everything worked beautifully.
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  • house70
    This is where they lost it. They need to keep it simple; instead, they choose to complicate things. How about they focus on extensions compatibility? I have at least a few that are not compatible with current version(s). And software devs have a hard time keeping up with the updates, if it breaks their product compatibility.
  • cookies
    Alright. 1/1/2012 to 8/28/2012 is 42 weeks. Years just keep getting longer.
  • fractalsphere
    If they had corporate support, like an MSI, or hooks to plug in functionality to Windows Group Policy it would make it a much more viable corporate alternate browser.