MTV acquires video game developer Harmonix

New York (NY) - Viacom's MTV Networks today announced that it has finalized a deal to acquire Harmonix, a video game development company that specializes in music/rhythym based games. The $175 million acquisition gives MTV ownership of Harmonix's popular technology that has resulted in games like Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution.

"The acquisition of Harmonix will deepen MTV's connection to its audience via on-line, mobile and console music gaming, and expand the relationship with both labels and artists through the creation of games based on classic songs as well as future album releases," said MTV President Christina Norman.

With a large teenage crowd, MTV has appealed to its audience through mediums other than music, and it has had a long-lasting relationship with video games. The MTV Music Generator series came out during the current generation of consoles, and in addition the TV network has devoted time to video game coverage in both news updates and original programming.

"Harmonix's technology allows everyone to pursue their rock and roll fantasies, even people like me, with more musical ambition than actual talent," said Norman.