NASA Uses Raspberry Pi to further Open-Source Space Technology

NASA Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

We love to cover cool Raspberry Pi projects—we even gather a list of the best Raspberry Pi projects every month—but most of them are created by developers building projects at home. That’s why we were excited to share this Raspberry Pi sighting from a team of developers working at NASA. 

The NASA team recently tweeted progress on developing the open-source flight software framework known as F Prime. Along with the announcement was a selection of example deployments featuring the new embedded application—one of which, of course, was running on our favorite SBC, the Raspberry Pi. 

According to NASA, the new framework is component-driven to enable the rapid development and release of spaceflight software and other embedded applications.

The team chose a Raspberry Pi for an example deployment of F Prime because of its open-source design and accessibility. The low price point and Linux compatibility make this machine an ideal candidate to showcase their open-source project.

You can read more about F Prime and the Raspberry Pi deployment on the official NASA F Prime page on Github.  

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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