Next Biometrics Announces Bezel-free Fingerprint Scanner For Smartphones, Mobile Devices

Next Biometrics Group revealed the latest iteration of the company's fingerprint sensors. The new sensors are thinner, and feature a frameless and bezel free design, which NEXT said makes them perfect to implement into smartphones, tablets and portable computers. With its latest product, Next is expecting to expand its market share in these key markets.

Next Biometrics Group, based in Oslo, Norway, is one of the world's leading fingerprint sensor manufacturers, building sensors for a wide range of products. Next's sensors are built using the company's patented Active Thermal Principle, which it credits to keeping the cost of its sensors low while maintaining high quality. Next stated that the cost of the new sensors is further reduced by removing the bezel material from the package.

The tiny footprint of the sensor makes it possible for product designers to introduce a fingerprint sensor without compromising the aesthetics of the device. Next said that the new sensors will sit nearly flush with the surface onto which it's embedded. The sensors are designed to be sunken only 0.4 to 0.6 mm. The company said that the recessed position aids in locating the sensor by touch.

The company stated that it wants to meet the requirements of product designers by allowing them to define the size and shape of the opening for the sensor that best suits the design of the product in which it will be used.

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