Explore A Planet With New 'No Man's Sky' PS4 Gameplay Video

Last month, Hello Games announced that its highly-anticipated sci-fi exploration game called No Man’s Sky would launch on June 21. Obviously, this news excited fans, who wanted to know more about the game before it arrived in the summer. Once again, PlayStation delivered more No Man’s Sky information with a lengthy gameplay video.

Look Around

The game’s procedurally-generated planets and environment make it an explorer’s paradise. One segment showed Hello Games’ Sean Murray approach a mysterious relic. A few symbols were etched on it, but he could only make out one word while the rest of the sentence was displayed as incoherent gibberish. By exploring the world and interacting with its inhabitants, you can eventually decipher the alien language. However, that does require a leap of faith on your end. When you interact with foreign beings or objects, you have the ability to choose your actions. You can be friendly, hostile or nosy. Depending on your actions, you could be a welcome guest on the planet or a hostile force that needs to be eliminated.

You can also explore new planets in search of resources. Various crystals can net you building blocks such as plutonium or carbon, and you can use these items to create modifications for your gun. Murray gathered some plutonium at one point and used it to create a special type of ammunition for the gun that allowed him to create large holes on the ground.

It’s also important to note that not every planet will have a hospitable environment. In some cases, you can’t stay outside for too long. The gameplay video featured a planet with an outdoor temperature of -164.3 degrees Celsius (-262.12 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll have some sort of thermal protector, but it won’t last long, so you’ll need to find some shelter to stay alive.

To The Stars

The video also showed some space travel. Just like on planets, you can use various celestial bodies, such as asteroids, for resources. If you want even more loot for yourself, you can turn into a space pirate and shoot up freighters that enter the system. However, you will have to suffer the consequences and evade sentinels — small ships that protect the fleet — if you want to stay alive.

As a final treat, Murray zoomed out of the current solar system to show the game’s map, which was full of bright stars. Each one contains a solar system, and the brightest and largest light in the area indicated the location of the galaxy’s center. However, it’s farther than it looks, and you’ll have to jump from system to system if you want to reach it before anyone else.

Infinity And Beyond

The universe is full of mysterious beings and planets, and if you’re the first to discover them, you can even name a planet or creature to mark your place in history. Between planet exploration and jumping across solar systems, it seems that you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time to get anywhere in No Man’s Sky.

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