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Konami Has No Plans For Story-Based DLC For 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain'

With players winding down on the final missions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Online coming in a few weeks, there's one portion of the game that caused a bit of concern with the fans. Parts of the main story were left out, and while a sizable chunk stayed in the game to bring the story of Big Boss to a full circle, there are some missing pieces. Players thought they would come in the form of DLC, but it seems like it won't be happening at all.

Robert Allen Peeler, the game's online community manager, was taking questions on Twitter when a fan asked him if there was more story-based content on the way. Peeler answered with "I don't have any particular story content to announce, no."

The news comes fresh off Konami's appearance last week at the Tokyo Game Show where the company not only showed off more content for Metal Gear Online but also DLC in the form of different outfits for Big Boss and other soldiers.

The lack of planning for story-based DLC is a big blow to diehard fans. The effect of the fallout between director Hideo Kojima and the game's publisher, Konami, not only affected the seemingly-unfinished work in the final game but also any future plans to have the missing story content out as DLC.

Those who bought the game's Collector's Edition were treated to some of the missing content with an included Blu-ray disc. However, it's unclear if that was all of the omitted storyline or just a fragment of what was removed from the final version of The Phantom Pain.

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