SPIED: Nvidia GTX 470 'Fermi' PCB Cut-out Cooler

Nvidia will later this month formally debut its GF100-based cards the GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480. These cards already exist and are quietly on display at CeBit in Germany, and shots of the product in action have just hit the net.

Chinese website Expreview has board shots of what it claims is a GTX 470 and PC Games Hardware has pictures of one running in action inside a live computer case.

What's interesting to note is that the board shot featured on Expreview show an underside of the card which has cutouts on the PCB that appear to facilitate cooling – something that we've seen before on the GeForce GTX 295.

Nvidia will officially debut the GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480 products on March 26.

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  • maydaynomore
    Yeah, I've seen pictures of Big-Foot, and UFO's. Doesn't mean that they are real...
  • zorky9
    If this is to facilitate cooling Fermi, does this strengthen the rumors that GF100's do run hot?
  • erikstarcher
    Why don't you guys believe this is real?
    First...Why not. It will be released in under a month.
    Second..It has been shown working since at least Jan (at CES).
    Third...What other card has a PCB that looks like that one?
  • Other Comments
  • heraisu
    Wonder if there will be aftermarket coolers for the back of the card? Ha.

    This might go against any chance of a dual-pcb card, if nvidia prefers to have holes cut in the back for temps... don't work if two cards are back-to-back.
  • deadlockedworld
    I think a double cooler would be great..
  • jblack
    And if it is real, then why can we only see the underside of the board?