Latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver Supports 'Watch Dogs 2' And 'Dead Rising 4'

Nvidia released Game Ready Driver 376.09, which better supports Watch Dogs 2 and preps its hardware for the upcoming Dead Rising 4 and Steep.

Watch Dogs 2 is all about hacking a city and many of the people who live in it. The game supports 20 different graphics settings, and this new driver will help Nvidia's GeForce lineup handle everything this hacktivist romp through the San Francisco Bay Area can throw at it. The driver was released just in time for the title's PC release, which is probably a good thing, because it's bundled with select GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 GPUs, systems, and laptops.

The new driver also boasts added support for Dead Rising 4, the latest entry in a series about combining everyday objects to create whimsical zombie-killers, ahead of its December 6 launch. Winter sports enthusiasts will also be happy to know that the driver is ready for Steep's December 2 release.

Steep is about descending from the top of a mountain range, whether it's via paraglider, snowboard, wingsuit, skis, or some other contraption. Nvidia previously released a driver with support for Steep's open beta; now the company is preparing for the title's formal release. Nvidia promised that Game Ready Driver 376.09 guarantees "the fastest framerates in-game and in the benchmark" as well as "the smoothest experience when hurtling down hills."

You can download Game Ready Driver 376.09 from Nvidia's website or via GeForce Experience.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • wifiburger
    yeah... game support... I'll have to look at installing about 2 drivers back cause my mouse become a bit inconsistent, double clicking on single clicks and letting go of my single click holds ! and that's the only thing I kept updating the past weeks !