Nvidia Driver Version 375.86 Covers 'Battlefield 1,' 'Steep' Open Beta

Nvidia has released version 375.86 of its graphics drivers for Windows.

Version 375.86 mainly affects Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI, new gameplay in Tom Clancy's The Division’s upcoming “Survival” downloadable content, and the upcoming launch of Steep’s open beta.

The updated driver also brings a temporal SLI profile for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, depending on your operating system, the driver still has some lingering issues. Be sure to check the release notes to see which issues affect specific games.

Still, the updated driver arrives at the perfect time. Battlefield 1 recently received a massive update full of fixes and balances, the open beta for Steep starts on November 18, and although the release date for the "Survival" DLC for Tom Clancy's The Division is still a mystery, PC players can test the new features on the game's Public Test Server.

To download the driver, visit Nvidia’s download page, which also has the latest release notes.

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  • jared426
    Heard there's a lot of issues with this update. I'd avoid it.
  • Guineasaurus
    Skyrim SE i was getting well over 60FPS on Oct 28 driver, Nov15 driver it struggles to get 30FPS with MSi Gaming X GTX1070
  • ubercake
    No problem with the update here. Works fine.