Nvidia launches GeForceGo 6200 for mainstream notebooks

Nvidia is extending its mobile graphics processor offering by introducing the GeForceGo 6200. In contrast to the previously launched GeForceGo 6800, which targets high-end mobile PCs, the 6200 is designed as mainstream product for thin and light notebooks. The first computers to include the chips are Sony Vaio S and FS series, Nvidia said Thursday.

The GeForce Go 6200 carries over the TurboCache concept from the desktop version of the processor. TurboCache refers to the memory which is located on the graphics card and acts as a supporting frame buffer and a software managed graphics cache. A "Turbocache Manager" dynamically allocates memory to improve system performance.

As the GeForce Go 6800, the 6200 supports Nvidia's recently announced PureVideo technology for home theater quality experience on notebooks, as well as various 2D and 3D features, such as support for Microsoft DirectX9.0 Shader Model 3.0 visual effects. (THG)

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