O2 UK Explains Network Outage

UK wireless carrier O2 has resolved issues that resulted in network problems for some customers. The company updated its status page late on Thursday with an explanation for the service issues and assurances that the problems had been resolved.

"The intermittent problems experienced by some of our customers today have now been resolved," O2 wrote. "Routine upgrade work on our 2G and 3G networks led to unexpected congestion affecting around 1 percent of O2 customers. We apologize to those customers and thank them for their patience."

O2 initially gave no reason for the service problem, which lasted over 12 hours, only divulging that some customers were having problems using their mobile phones. One percent of O2's subscriber base in the United Kingdom is equal to 163,000 people.

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  • memadmax
    That NSA spying tech can be a pain sometimes...

  • infernocy
    i had O2 for 4 months and change to giffgaff because the network was going on and off about 100 times a day for me and my brother , so O2 can you explain what happen those times ?
  • KrisWragg
    Infernocy, GiffGaff use the O2 network so suffer from the same problems. My girlfriend had network issues last week on GiffGaff when O2 were having problems.