Intel Previews Its PCIe 3.0-Based RAID Cards

Intel recently gave us a peek at its next-generation PCI Express 3.0-based RAID cards. Designed to take advantage of the Xeon E5 family’s support for the third-gen connectivity standard, they’re able to accommodate more storage devices before encountering a bottleneck. The company claims the updated architecture has enough headroom for up to 700 000 IOPS. They're SAS 6Gb/s-capable, and armed with up to 1 GB of DDR3 data cache.

As with the generation prior, Intel plans to offer its cards with the option for battery-based cache backup, a maintenance-free backup unit (employing a large capacitor), or SSD-based caching.

We actually have plans to evaluate Intel’s latest cards as soon as competing models from LSI and Adaptec are ready for review. Keep an eye out!

Quick Look: Intel's PCIe 3.0-Based RAID Controllers

For more information about Intel's cards, check out its product page.

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  • victorious 3930k
    Why not 12Gbps?
    Pricing will be shocking, no wonder there is no mention of it.
  • jacobdrj
    EDVINASMPricing will be shocking, no wonder there is no mention of it.

    Pricing will be where the enterprise customers will pay for it...
    Not a consumer or even a prosumer device...