Play Retro Games With This Raspberry Pi-Powered LED Matrix

Neythen Treloar
(Image credit: Neythen Treloar)

Just when you think retro gaming couldn't get more pixelated, maker Neythen Treloar comes forward with this awesome Raspberry Pi-powered LED matrix retro gaming project.

The project shared this week shows off a way to play games on an LED panel using a handheld controller. Treloar tested the system with both a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and PlayStation 4 controller. Be advised, however, that this project is still in its Alpha phase, so updates are expected.

Treloar tested the creation on a Raspberry Pi 4, which proved to be the most reliable performance-wise. The system was also tested on a Pi Zero, which ran some games better than others but lacked overall in performance when compared to the Pi 4. 

In terms of the housing, everything is entirely 3D printed. Treloar shared the model files on Thingiverse.

The maker also developed a companion app, called the Retro Matrix Companion. This application allows you to interface with the RGB LEDs using an iPad. You can "paint" the LEDs in real-time over a local network. You can find the source files for the Retro Matrix Companion project on GitHub.

If you want to recreate this project yourself, check out the official Retro Matrix GitHub page. Be sure to follow Treloar on Reddit for more projects and future updates. 

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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  • nofanneeded
    More expensive than normal LCD ... some projects are useless ...

    if you want the pixels you can emulate the blocks using TFT LCD and would look better and cheaper to make.
  • gorse212
    These look way better than an LCD screen in person, but it doesn't come across well in pictures :). They are kinda expensive though...