PlayStation 5 Will Be Based on AMD Ryzen and Navi, Sony Confirms

Sony's next PlayStation, rumored to be called the PlayStation 5, will run on a third-gen AMD Ryzen processor and a custom variant of AMD Radeon's Navi graphics. That graphics card will allow for ray tracing on consoles. It will also use an SSD and be backwards compatiable. The details were revealed to Wired by Mark Cerny, the system architect.

Credit: Chesnot/Getty ImagesCredit: Chesnot/Getty Images


More specifically, the CPU will have eight cores and be based on AMD's 7nm Zen 2 architecture. And the Navi-based GPU will put the PS5 in the position of being the first console to support ray tracing. The system will also support 8K graphics, though there are very few TVs and monitors that actually support that resolution.

The report says that AMD's processor will also have what Wired calls a "custom unit for 3D audio" that Cerny suggested will make players feel more immersed. This may provide a boost for PlayStation VR, which Cerny told Wired will work with the new system.

The other big detail is that is sounds like it will support an SSD, seemingly in the box. And while Sony demonstrated a Spider-Man loading sequence that usually takes place in 15 seconds completing in less than one second, the company didn't say what kind of SSD it is, and whether is uses the upcoming PCIe 4.0 standard. 

The system will be backwards compatible with the PS4's library and will accept physical media, not just downloads. Cerny said the system will not release in 2019, so we'll have to wait until 2020 or beyond to see AMD's latest in a console.