Sony Finally Shows Off the PS4 Console in All Its Glory

Sony gave us the first taste of PS4 goodness way back in February and while we saw plenty of the new DualShock controller at the event, the company didn't offer so much as a glance at the actual console itself. Instead, Sony wanted to leave the surprise for E3. The company's E3 keynote was last night, and sure enough, we were afforded our first proper look at the PS4. Feast your eyes on the official images below:



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  • Parsian
    It looks like an IBM computer. :P
  • warezme
    you don't want to get wasted and fall on it. the corners could put an eye out.
  • Other Comments
  • crisan_tiberiu
    mmmmm... gieb !!!!!! :P
  • lostgamer_03
    Oh how ugly is that
  • Parsian
    It looks like an IBM computer. :P