See New Rage Screenshots, E3 Demonstration

id Software has been hard at work on its next-generation engine technology and new game Rage. Sadly Rage won't be arriving until 2011, but it's on display at E3 showing off how much the developers have been able to squeeze from console hardware.

PC gamers should always strive for at 60 frames per second from their rigs, but now the very same performance level will be a part of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Of course, PC gamers will be able to dial up the resolution and other visual effects.

Check out the demonstration that aired on G4 for more, and for a lengthier look, see 1UP.

Rage Demo E3 2010

Also, check out a few more of the new screenshots from Rage.

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  • touchdowntexas13
    I watched some of the demo videos on IGN that came from E3. The game looks a lot like a cross between Doom 3 and Borderlands. The vehicular combat and wasteland setting particularly remind me of borderlands. But the indoor fighting has that Doom feeling to it.

    Only time will tell if this is something spectacular. It definitely has caught my eye though.
  • decepticon
    Honestly, I don't really see anything revolutionary. This better get a lot better in time. Also, I wanna see what kind of specs you are going to need to run it. The GFX look good....but that's about it. FPS's have gone stale.
  • Anonymous
    Oh perfect.....another great game that will probably be a console port for us PC players. Anyone reminded of COD:MW2.