This Raspberry Pi Emergency Toolkit Is Perfect for the End Times

(Image credit: Blackie810)

You don't ever want to find yourself without a computer.T hat's why one maker, known as Blackie810 on Reddit, designed this handy Raspberry Pi-based emergency recovery tool. Everything you need is housed inside a protective Pelican case.

According to Blackie810, this emergency Pi rig is perfect in the event of an EMP attack or network outage. It can help with recovery or, using some features to stream media to local devices, even entertainment. 

In addition to some applications, it also has quite a bit of data stored that can be seriously useful in an emergency situation. The project can provide offline access to maps—perfect for an off-the-grid getaway—or even encyclopedia services like Wikipedia. 

It doesn't take much hardware to build one of these yourself. It uses a Raspberry Pi 4, but older models will work too. The creator used a 7-inch touch screen display and a 256GB microSD card for storage. Everything was housed inside a waterproof Pelican case and supported using a 3D printed frame.

When the system first boots, it loads a boot menu, where the operator can choose an instance of Debian, Kali or ParrotSec to load. This is just the OS list chosen by Blackie810 though; the device can support many different Linux distros and even Android.

Blackie810 has a few upgrades, including a permanent keyboard solution and batteries for mobility, planned for the future. 

Until then, you can follow Blackie810 on Reddit for more updates and future Raspberry Pi projects.

Ash Hill
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