Metal Raspberry Pi Arcade Controller is as Cool as it is Shiny

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: JamHamster)

Maker JamHamster is well known for crafting beautiful Raspberry Pi projects with bright orange highlights and metallic finishes. Today we’ve got another fantastic creation to share with you — an all-in-one Raspberry Pi-powered arcade joystick —controller.

JamHamster has a notoriously well-designed portfolio of work, some of which we’ve had the honor of featuring in the past. Recent creations include a Raspberry Pi Zero ZX Spectrum cassette project and a full metal arcade cabinet complete with a built-in display.

This setup is designed to connect to an external display and has female RCA jacks accessible on the back for video output. There are 8 metal buttons on the right-hand side of the controller with a custom joystick made from 16mm aluminum bar stock on the left. Illuminating the edges and matching the controller with his previous creations is a glowing display of orange LED strips.

The best Raspberry Pi projects have a clean, professional finish and the metal work on this controller is easily one of the best finishing touches we’ve come across. JamHamster gave a little insight on Twitter about the creation process, explaining that the metal is wet sanded with 600 to 3,000 grit and polished with Mother’s Mag to get the shiny finish.

Check out the original thread shared to Twitter for more details and take a closer look at this totally custom all-in-one Raspberry Pi arcade controller project.

Ash Hill
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