Raspberry Pi Time Machine and NAS Backs Up Data For You

(Image credit: Curtis Gross)

Archiving data can save you in a pinch—but what if you forget to make a backup? This Raspberry Pi project, created by Curtis Gross, solves that problem by automating the process in a convenient NAS device. The end result is a Pi-powered time machine server with all of your data stored in archives.

The project was shared on YouTube this week with a complete breakdown of the setup process. While Gross uses a Raspberry Pi 4 in his video, you can use older models—even as far back as a Raspberry Pi 2.


The NAS functions come from OpenMediaVault (OMV), an open-source NAS application that runs on the Raspberry Pi. Gross explains in the video how to set up the server to interact with and backup your machines, testing both a Windows PC and an iMac. You can read more about OMV on Github.

If you want to recreate this project yourself, watch the full video for all the details. Be sure to follow Gross on YouTube for more of his work and future projects. 

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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