Raspberry Pi Vending Machine is Stocked Full of Creativity

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: iSnowfall)

Imagine the vending machine of your dreams — now you can make it a reality with the help of a Raspberry Pi! This project was created by a maker who goes by iSnowfall online.

The machine was made entirely from scratch and uses a Raspberry Pi as the main controller. According to iSnowfall, it was developed as a school project specifically for special needs students. This means that the interface needed to be both intuitive and user-friendly.

The machine stands 1.8 meters tall and is half a meter wide. To buy things in the machine, users must scan an RFID card used to store points. The Raspberry Pi keeps track of the points using a simple Python script and a Google Sheets document. Products are chosen using a keypad on the front.

ISnowfall developed a custom PCB with matrix control to operate the vending mechanism. There are three rows, each with five coils that are triggered by 24V motors. Once the Raspberry Pi confirms the point transaction, it initiates the appropriate motor to vend the item selected.

The best Raspberry Pi projects make a difference and this one is sure to make an impact for the students it was designed for. Visit the original thread on Reddit to read more about this clever creation in detail.

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