Raspberry Pi Zero Drop-In Kit Fits Inside Original Game Boy DMG

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(Image credit: Zarcadeuk)

If you’re a fan of the original Game Boy DMG, you’ve got to check out this new drop-in kit from maker Zarcadeuk. This custom PCB works with either a Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, settling snugly into the original or reproduction Game Boy shells.

Zarcadeuk is no stranger to retro gaming, featuring a line of custom PCB products for sale on the Zarcade website. In addition, you’ll find a selection of drop-in kits and add-on boards intended for makers with a passion for old-school gaming, including this Game Boy DMG drop-in kit we’re featuring today. 

Zarcadeuk has dubbed this DMG drop-in kit the Zega Mame Boy complete kit. It includes a main PCB for the Pi Zero to attach with an LCD screen and button pads for input. An additional board fits into the bottom with audio components and a battery charging module.

According to Zarcadeuk, the kit uses a 3.2-inch SPI LCD, much larger than the original screen. To combat any scaling issues, users will need to use a custom theme for RetroPie to resize the video and rotate the image to a portrait output. The kit includes a speaker for external audio output and an audio jack for headphone support. It relies on a rechargeable battery and has safe-shutdown support, as well.

Because the kit is for the original Game Boy, users will only have access to the actual buttons. At the same time, it can technically run games for other systems; there will only be two buttons for input—perfect for emulating Game Boy games and some arcade titles, but not so many different systems that require more buttons.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are the ones you can make yourself, but Zarcadeuk saves us the trouble by offering the kit as a package available for purchase. It currently has a price tag of $47.21 (or £38.49). Check out the official Zega Mame Boy kit product page at the Zarcade website for more details and purchase options.

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