Chinese Hospital Offers Handsfree Sperm Extraction Device

The hands-free "sperm extractor" is a stand up device with a height-adjustable "massage pipe" that moves inward and outward from the main body of the sperm extractor. According to the manufacturer, the speed, amplitude and frequency can be adjusted by the user, which aims to provide a "warm" and "comfortable" feeling for users who find difficult to retrieve their sperm the traditional, manual way. There is even a screen to play movie content to help with the extraction process.

The description of a sperm extractor may be a bit misleading, since the extraction is done not for the purpose of sperm donation, but to collect a patient's sperm during an infertility treatment. Zhu Guoxin, director of the urology department at the hospital also noted that previous methods that involved the use of condoms may have negatively impacted the test results to the use of lubricants and other chemicals on them.

The sperm extractor is on sale for about $2,800.

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  • greghome
    I can see a group of teenagers lining up for it :D
  • dormantreign
    I know you never smirked while writing up this article :P
  • digiex
    They will never beat the hand.
  • murzar
    Will always be cheaper than a girlfriend/wife. :P
  • ProDigit10
    Let's buy it!!!!
  • SoiledBottom
    1 - It should always be hands on for a happy ending.

    2 - masturbate a man and he gets off once but if you teach a man to masturbate he gets off for a life time.

    3 - Masturbation never says NO, I have a head ache

    4 - Once the power goes out that machine is dead to me.

    5 - Do I have to take the machine to dinner or a movie first ?
  • husker
    If a married couple needs to use this for infertility testing, they got bigger problems.
  • toms my babys daddy
    looking forward to a tomshardware review of this device.
  • merikafyeah
    Funny, I was sure Japan would've come up with this first. Then again, they already have robosexdroids, along with a bunch of other weird and unspeakable things.
  • john_4
    OMG, LOL, give me a freaking break.