Raspberry Pi RP2040 StackyPi is Pi Zero Sized and Supports HATs

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: SB Components)

If you can’t find the Raspberry Pi you want, why not make your own? The team behind this Kickstarter—SB Components—is doing just that, with plans to release an RP2040-based board with a Raspberry Pi Zero form factor known as the StackyPi.

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen a board like this; we previously covered Red Robotic’s Pico 2 Pi board which adds GPIO support to the RP2040-powered Raspberry Pi Pico module. However, that board was more of an adapter, while this one is an all-in-one device.

The StackyPi has two rows of 20 male header PINs broken out for full GPIO access. This GPIO support means the StackyPi is compatible with many Raspberry Pi HATs. The only caveat is that the end-user is responsible for programming the support.

In addition to the GPIO, SB Components has included a microSD card slot, 64MB of onboard flash, and a couple of surface-mounted buttons. For power, the StackyPi uses a micro-USB port.

The official Kickstarter plans for a launch price of $18.98 (£14), but it's currently available to early backers for just $9.49 (£7). Check out the StackyPi project page for more details and a closer look at this new board.

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