Safari, Opera Reach 100% In Acid3 Test

The Opera Internet browser this week became the first to achieve a perfect 100/100 score for the series of tests for Web standards, and was quickly followed by Apple's Safari browser.

Lars Erik Bolstad, Opera's head of core technology, wrote in Opera's official blog yesterday, the company writes, "Since the test was officially announced recently, our Core developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the missing standards support. Today we reached a 100% pass rate for the first time."

Bolstad added that the development team still needs to fix some scattered issues before it releases the newly certified version of the browser to the public, but said "we hope to have those sorted out shortly."

Safari, the browser that comes packed in with Apple computers, also announced today that it achieved a perfect score on the Acid3 set of tests.

Acid3 is a visual test that evaluates how well a browser can meet Internet standards. Users can check how their browser stacks up at the Acid3 test page.

"To pass the test, a browser must use its default settings, the animation has to be smooth, the score has to end on 100/100, and the final page has to look exactly, pixel for pixel, like" a reference page.