SanDisk's 95 MB/s Extreme PRO MicroSD Cards Now Available In 64 GB

It really isn't this big in real life.

The display resolution rush presents a number of technical challenges. Just yesterday, DisplayPort 1.3 addressed the bandwidth issue, but there is more to be concerned about. One of those issues is video recording, for which you need fast storage. Several mobile phones already support recording 4K video, but the time intervals for recording with these are rather limited due to the lack of speedy storage options. For SanDisk, the fastest MicroSD card you could buy would transfer up to 95 MB/s, although it only came in up to 16 GB capacities – until now. SanDisk has announced the Extreme Pro 32 GB and 64 GB MicroSD cards, which are UHS-I compliant and capable of reading up to 95 MB/s and writing up to 90 MB/s.

It's true that 128 GB MicroSD cards are already on the market, but they aren't nearly as fast. The higher transfer rates might not seem relevant for transferring music to your phone, for example, and you might have patience for installing applications, but when it comes to 4K video recording there are certain minimum transfer speeds that you'll need in order to be able to keep up. That's also SanDisk's target group here – users who record 4K video with their mobile phones.

Performance aside, there is another aspect about these cards that's important to note: their resistance to harsh environments. SanDisk claims that they're able to operate in temperature ranges of -25 C through 85 C and that they can be submerged in 1 m of salt water for up to three days straight and remain operational after drying.

We've reached out to SanDisk for information on pricing and will let you know when we hear back.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • AndrewJacksonZA
    This is what I want as the 64GB microSD card in my Sony Xperia Z3 that I'm getting soon. WOW that's fast!
  • Amdlova
    i got one ultra 30mb/s when i try put some music on the windows phone i got only 3mb/s. Micro sd works fine but the phone sucks!
  • laststop311
    The problem is no phones transfer at the speed the card is rated for. Sure the card can go that fast but it's only as fast as the weakest link
  • LordConrad
    For a while now I've been using Hoodman memory cards for their reliability. It looks like other manufacturers are finally realizing that some people use their memory cards heavily, and not always under optimal conditions.
  • papad
    I have a nvidia shield tablet 2024. These seems like it would be perfect for high end games.
  • chicofehr
    Unless your phone is USB 3.0, you won't see any type of file transfer speeds above 25-30MB/s when moving files while card is in phone. Otherwise the slower ultra is fast enough.
  • g-unit1111
    Very nice, I want to get one of these for my Dell Venue 8, it seems like it would be a solid fit for Intel Atom devices.

    Although I just checked Sandisk's website - they want $111.95 for the 16GB version. Ouch. I'll wait until the prices drop. :ouch:
  • jn77
    Ive, got their 128gb cards in my phones, they really need to release the 256 and 512gb cards before someone else does, this waiting game is really stupid.
  • bmwzimmer
    Close to $300 for a 64Gb card that's still not nearly as fast as internal memory? Damn, Apple's upgrade cost for memory on their phones don't look too bad after all