Sandisk intros waterproof USB Flash drive

SanDisk announced its new Waterproof USB Drive, a new line of flash drives aimed at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) targeting the health care market. The devices are small enough to be worn all day as a necklace or kept on a key chain and will be available to OEM customers in capacities of 64, 128, 256 and 512 MByte and 1 GByte, the company said.

The USB drive has a specially designed cap with a latching mechanism that prevents the USB drive from accidentally falling off or becoming lost. The mechanism allows emergency response personnel to quickly remove the USB drive so that they can plug it into a computer and read the emergency medical file, Sandisk said. The Waterproof USB Drive is available to OEM manufacturers now in sample quantities, with full production scheduled for May 2005. Volume pricing to OEM customers is expected to range from $16 for a 64 MByte drive to $96 for a 1 GByte drive. (THG)