Tom's Guide: 12 Remote Control Apps for Android Devices

Smartphones are a lot more than phones. Aside from making calls and sending text messages, these wonderful devices can also send email, check the weather, play music, and a whole multitude of other things thanks to the app developers churning out applications for various different platforms. The Tom's Guide team has put together a whole list of remote control apps for Android. Covering everything from TVs to desktops, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

It seems like the world is coming close to the point being able to control just about any household appliance from a single device. We're not quite there yet, but there are numerous apps out there that can help you turn your Android smartphone into a TV or media center remote, or even a remote control for your desktop! Check out this collection of smart TV remote apps, media center remotes, and remote desktop apps for the couch potato in you.12 Remote Control Apps for Android Devices

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