Snow Leopard to Be Released Ahead of Schedule?

Originally announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at WWDC in June 2008, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller added at WWDC 2009 that the company would be shipping Snow Leopard in September of this year.

However, while Schiller declared a September release, the Apple exec did not give a specific date. This information, coupled with 10A432's rumored Golden Master status means Apple fans are hoping to see an early release. Analysts are suggesting Apple could release Snow Leopard sometime in the next fortnight with John Gruber of Daring Fireball predicting an August 28 release.

The news comes just two weeks after Steve Ballmer was photographed holding the Golden Master build of Windows 7 on a gold disc.

  • jerther
    Wow what a marketting hit... Just the kittie in the apple makes me want to try it...

    I believe Apple always do that, don't they? Reach customers with cute things? I've seen so many girls go crazy for an empty cute product...

    Honestly though, I wish them success, and I'll give it an objective try when I can.
  • gmcboot
    Apple is so freaking petty. Since I haven't drank the apple flavored Kool aid I see it for what it is.
  • tayb
    Heh. I actually own an Apple laptop but I think this is really funny. All the Apple fanboys claim that Windows 7 is Vista SP3 but this snow leopard, unlike Windows 7, is essentially a service pack. No major UI overhaul, no big changes visible to the user, but a lot of work done behind the scenes. Sounds like a service pack to me. Isn't that essentially what a service pack is supposed to be?

    Snow Leopard... er I mean Leopard SP3.
  • rooseveltdon
    etichi@tayb... dude it costs 29 dollars. Windows 7 is a service pack too with that logic but for 129. But all the Windows fanboys like to believe they are getting something more because they spent more.The changes in windows 7 are much more visible and drastic than the changes in snow leopard, every critic agrees that windows 7 is worlds better than vista whereas snow leopard is just an improvement on leopard but no drastic improvement therefore i think that it is more than ok to view windows 7 as a completly different OS, i used the RC for a while and it is indeed a better user experience and different from vista.
  • falconqc
    I haven't checked, but does Apple still list "Video playback scrolling" as one of their OS features? I was laughing myself silly when I saw that on their web page back when Leopard came out.

  • thejerk
    let's hope rushing this to market doesn't leave it with a ton of problems like when leopard was originally released.
  • Shadow703793
    APPLE stole most of the under the hood code from BSD community.
  • Regulas
    Snow Leapard has moved to full 64 bit on the kernel level, is backward compatible with 32 bit applications and has two version, Home and Server.
    Let me see, Windows has how many overpriced flavours and two bit sizes on top of that because they can not figure out how to make their Swiss cheese OS backward compatible. LOL
    I also love how there are MS trolls here and if you say something critical about MS the thumbs down gets highly tagged. Tag away trolls.
  • Regulas
    Great I want a 15" Macbook Pro with a matte finish screen Santa. May well happen too.
  • lol, 'Golden Master' is so hilariously pretentious.

    I wouldn't exactly call something that could maul you in the blink of an eye 'cute'.