Sony's PS4 Has Allegedly Sold 8 Million Units

Insiderp, the source that leaked the 7 million units sold landmark for the PS4, is now reporting that the PS4 has sold over 8 million units as of May 19, 2014. The outlet had reported the 7 million units figure at the end of March. Sony confirmed these figures two weeks later in an official PS blog. If Insiderp is to be believed, then it seems like the PS4's giant momentum in sales is starting to slow down. Still, 8 million units is no small number.

The site also shared some insights on unit sales for some of Sony's games, reporting that Killzone Shadowfall has sold 2.8 million, Infamous Second Son 1.4 million, and Knack is at 1.3 million (with approximately 90 percent of its sales through bundles). As far as first party games not made by Sony are concerned, Watch Dogs sold a respectable 1 million units in its first three days, despite a host of day-one launch problems. Uplay server issues caused users to not be able to log in to play the game, or even receive exclusive/season pass content. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has reportedly sold over 1 million copies, and Destiny has reached over 1 million preorders on the PS4 alone.

Whether or not Insiderp's numbers are true, they certainly seem plausible. Selling another 1 million units in one month, at the momentum that the PS4 has had, isn't surprising. Not to perpetuate the console war, but it seems like Sony has a solid lead over Microsoft, which last reported that the Xbox One had sold 5 million units.

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  • clutchc
    Considering there are 7 BILLION people in the world, that would mean 1 out of every 1000 people has one.
  • 10tacle
    Flawed comparison logic. Some of those BILLIONS of people are not capable of owning one as they are from poor nations nor do they have the infrastructure to even play one. Then you have the old people who care nothing about the gaming and the young who can't buy one themselves. That leaves you the rest who are capable of buying one as well as living in an area where you can actually play one. So we are looking at far, VERY far from 7B people as a population sample for PS4 buyers.
  • clutchc
    It was meant as a 'tongue in cheek' comment. Not a serious critique of the subject. Geeze!