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Sony's $100 MP3 Player is Sold Inside a Bottle of Water

Sony's NWZ-W270 MP3 player is waterproof. In fact, Sony is so confident in this feature that it's selling the device in water. The device originally launched at CES 2013, but Sony had another water-resistant device at the show, and it kind of stole the limelight. A year later, the NWZ-W270 is getting its time in the sun thanks to a new marketing campaign out of New Zealand.

ReadWriteWeb reports that Sony has teamed up with a marketing company in Auckland called DraftFCB. This company has come up with something a little catchier than NWZ-W270, renaming the device 'The Bottled Walkman' and is now selling it in vending machines at gyms and in other public places. The device can be worn outside in the rain, while working up a sweat with free weights or even while swimming. It's the follow on to Sony's NWZ-W262 Walkman and boasts 4 GB of integrated memory. Not enough for your entire music collection but enough for you to throw on a couple of albums for today's workout. It also features handy drag-and-drop music transfers and has a quick charge function that will give you 60 minutes of playback after just three minutes on charge.

Check the video below. You can pick one up via Sony for just under a hundred bucks.

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