'Battle of Jakku' Free DLC Introduces Turning Point Game Mode, Two Maps For 'Star Wars Battlefront'

The timing for the new Star Wars Battlefront just before the release of The Force Awakens movie was intentional, and one week after the game's launch, EA and DICE are unveiling the first batch of DLC, simply titled "Battle of Jakku."

As the name suggests, the DLC's two new maps, Graveyard of Giants and the Goazan Badlands, will take place on the planet of Jakku, the desert planet shown in trailers for the upcoming film. Current game modes such as Supremacy, Walker Assault, Cargo and Droid Run will also be playable on the two maps.

Along with the two new maps is a new game mode called Turning Point, the third 40-player battle scenario. Rebel forces must capture three control points held by the Imperial army. With each capture, the Rebels gain additional time to conquer the other nodes, with the ultimate goal of storming the local Imperial base.

The Battle of Jakku will be free for everyone, and those who pre-ordered the game will be able to play it on December 1. For the rest, it comes out one week later on December 8.


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